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Cllaroo Pigments Ltd.

Cllaroo Pigments develop, produce, and market a set of pigments to the micropigmentation market. Strict adherence to quality, sterility, and reliability are the most important in developing the company’s products, thus, we chose to develop colors for the permanent makeup market with the pigments of Sensient Technologies.

Cllaroo PMU pigments characteristics

The following characteristics of our products guarantee high quality and risk-free:

  • We select high pure materials and maintain reliability and absolute sterility
  • micropigmentation concentrated pigments which easily pumped into working pen
  • Our colors are stable and immediately absorbed by the skin
  • There is almost no change in pigment color (short healing)
  • Our pigments are of uniform thickness and penetrate a fixed depth
  • Bacteriological monitoring of the raw materials and sterilization by gamma ray
  • No preservative material, pigment structure matched skin’s pH
  • Independent laboratory tests show particles size are ~2 micrometer
  • Recommended by professionals who have worked with our pigments
  • Our engineers are qualified and trained
  • We use a self-developed grinding machines

We do our utmost every day to maintain the quality and integrity of our products

Our Products

Cllaroo 10-001N  White Inorganic  49.00 exc. VAT
Cllaroo 10-002N  Inorganic Mustars  49.00 exc. VAT
10-100N Dilution Color  12.00 exc. VAT
10-101N Dark Black  49.00 exc. VAT
10-102N Primrose  49.00 exc. VAT
10-103N Citrine Black  49.00 exc. VAT
10-104N Brown Coffee  49.00 exc. VAT
10-105N Light Caramel  49.00 exc. VAT





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