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Attached are a list of educational resources that we suggest you will read to have better understanding and knowledge on the permanent makeup colors, human skin, safety, its include public and private information on safety, sterilization, ingredients and more…

1. Is Permanent Makeup Really Permanent.
2. Cllaroo Safety Instructions.
3. Cllaroo Pure Bean 2 Particle Size by Laser Diffraction.
4. Organic Vs Inorganic Permanent Makeup Pigment.
5. Permanent Makeup FAQ.
6. Pigment Definition and Chemistry.
7. Semi Permanent Cosmetic Makeup vs. Permanent Cosmetic Makeup.
8. Tattoo Ink Carrier Chemistry.
9. What Are the Ingredients in the Ink?
10. Tattoo Inks – What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You.
11. Fitzpatrick scale.
12. Cllaroo Gamma Ray Radiation Certificate.
13. Chemical_Test_Report .
14. FDA Pigments Announcement..